Information for Participants


Why was I chosen for THAW?

Your name and address details were selected randomly from the electoral roll within your local authority.

Who has approved THAW?

The study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Law, Business and Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

Will my details be kept private and confidential?

All information which is collected about you from the questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential. You will be identified by a unique number, any information which could identify you will be removed so that you cannot be recognised from it, and the unique number that connects you to your data will be kept securely and separately by the MRC. No published results from THAW will identify those who took part.

What will happen to the results of THAW?

Results will be published in scientific journals, reports, and on the THAW website. Most of these analyses will be undertaken by MRC SPHSU staff in our Glasgow office but we may collaborate on occasion with experts in other universities.